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Inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia, offering Soul Integration, psychic readings, Angel Card readings, Akashic Record readings, and Reconnective Healing.



Kate knows we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Driven by her desire to incorporate one’s spiritual nature into the whole of life, Kate’s work as a conduit for a greater understanding of one’s gifts, life purpose, and personal healing connects her clients to their spiritual nature.  Within this union of body/mind/spirit, Kate’s clients find they are able to freely access their own gifts,

Breakthrough, Healing and Transformation with inspiring Intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia


“I have made a commitment to myself and to my clients to provide services with the highest possible level of integrity and professionalism.”
- Kate Jones

release what no longer serves them, and transform. From the moment when someone schedules a reading with Kate, she begins connecting with their soul, searching for information and Light that will assist in effecting transformation.


Having earned degrees in philosophy, theology, and ethics from Georgetown University and spent over a decade serving various theological ministries, Kate, understands that there are many ways to connect with Source.  In spiritual terms, we are not bound by tradition, systems or limiting beliefs when seeking communion with Spirit.  Assisting her clients in finding the route that resonates with each person is her intention.


Kate teaches workshops and classes, gives individual readings and Reconnective Healings nationally and internationally.  Sessions are scheduled remotely, and in some cases, in person.  Kate offers consultations in health and wellness, personal development and freedom.


Soul Integration™

I am Soul Integration™ Certified by the Theo Group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration™ process in my work with other individuals. The process allows a being to be open and receptive to healing, abundance, and knowing one’s purpose.  Facing and eliminating the "not good enoughs" in life allow one to be open and receptive to all the abundance one seeks.  Through the open-heartedness of the integration process, years, even lifetimes of resistance, can be healed.


Healing is an inside-out job.  We all do our own work.  Kate serves as your guide in the process while creating and holding the container called ‘your sacred space’.  As you work through what comes up in the process, a lightness of being begins to emerge where your divine light shines, bathing not only you and those with whom you are with, but for our blessed planet.


How is the process different from the psychological model of inner child work?  The process is similar, as one’s wounded aspects of the personality are typically ‘born’ as one is growing up.

However, there is an added multi-dimensionality of the soul.  The soul carries the blueprint of what it wishes to learn, and that happens through engaging with emotions.  When one recognizes emotions and feels the emotions, there is a revelation;  the moment of Ah-ha!  Now I know why I react the way I do!  There may be grief and there may be tears, both are part of the process.

The integrational process is sacred and occurs within multiple sessions: five to start, over a period of two months.  While individual sessions are possible, the 6-session package is offered at significantly reduced rates: five + one bonus session (six total) when sessions fees are pre-paid in one sum.


   -- Kate Jones

Soul Integration™ offered by inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia

Angel Tarot Readings

Angel Tarot Readings offered by inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia

When an Angel Tarot reading is done, I connect to the angelic realm and specifically to the Archangels.  Each reading is done with the intention that the information given will be for the highest good of all parties.  Readings are given with the highest regard and respect for the soul of the inquirer.  When a reading is scheduled, I connect to the angelic realm of the person seeking the reading to familiarize myself and open the communication channel.  


Readings are typically focused where the person seeking information comes with particular questions they are seeking guidance and answers.  As I prepare myself for the reading, frequently additional information is given that goes beyond the tarot.  


Please contact me to schedule your Angel Tarot reading.


Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records contain the record of a soul’s journey.  Accessing the Records is done using the Pathway Prayer process, given by Linda Howe in 2001.  Through the Pathway Prayer Process, access to the Heart of the Akashic Records is granted where we connect with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the person being read.


Honoring the traditions of each soul and inviting the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to be present in the moments of each reading brings a depth and richness to all parties.  As we learn more of our soul’s journey, the challenges of our current life are eased through the love and grace that is given.  Through insights given in Akashic Records readings, we free ourselves from lifetimes’ of pain, discord, and disharmony.  As we heal from these past traumas, we find that we are being equipped to take our rightful place in our soul journey to live our life purpose with grace and ease.  


I invite you to connect with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and experience their love and compassion.

Akashic Record Readings offered by inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia
Psychic Readings offered by inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia

Psychic Readings

My purpose in doing psychic readings is to assist souls to connect with their higher spiritual identity and unlock access to their true inner wisdom.  You are the gatekeeper of your soul.  Sometimes, the gate is locked or the lock is rusting and will not open.  Often, through the psychic readings that I offer, this gate opens and an inner knowing blossoms in the heart of the inquirer.


With gentleness and love, readings are offered for the highest good of all parties concerned.  Trusting that as truth is revealed and new areas of questioning are opened, Truth is recognized and accepted. Readings are conducted over the telephone.


Contact me to schedule your psychic reading.


Reconnective Healing®

Kate lives and practices Reconnective Healing® in Alexandria, VA nearby Washington, DC. Kate was introduced to Reconnective Healing® by her friend and mentor who recommended Eric's book, Heal Others, Heal Yourself. Kate scheduled a Reconnective Healing® session in the spring of 2008; shortly thereafter, Kate had her Reconnection®.




Ever since Kate received her Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection®, she has felt the frequencies and strongly feels their support as she built a multifaceted wellness practice. Kate's Reconnective Healing® training broadened her understanding of the work and ignited a deep passion to serve and heal others.  She now practices Reconnective Healing® on humans and animals, in person and remotely. Kate holds an undergraduate degree in Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics and a graduate degree in Science and Technology, both from Georgetown University.

The Reconnection®  must be done in person.  We recommend, but do not require, that one receives at least one Reconnective Healing® session before receiving The Reconnection®.  For Reconnective Healing®, one-to-three sessions are recommended.

"The years since receiving my Reconnection®, my personal transformation continues to be profound."

Reconnective Healing® offered by inspiring intuitive Kate Jones, Alexandria, Virginia

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