Kate Jones


“I have made a commitment to myself and to my clients to provide services with the highest possible level of integrity and professionalism.”

The Akashic Records contain the record of a soul’s journey.  Accessing the Records is done using the Pathway Prayer process, given by Linda Howe in 2001.  Through the Pathway Prayer Process, access to the Heart of the Akashic Records is granted where we connect with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the person being read.


Honoring the traditions of each soul and inviting the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to be present in the moments of each reading brings a depth and richness to all parties.  As we learn more of our soul’s journey, the challenges of our current life are eased through the love and grace that is given.  Through insights given in Akashic Records readings, we free ourselves from lifetimes’ of pain, discord and disharmony.  As we heal from these past traumas, we find that we are being equipped to take our rightful place in our soul journey to life our life purpose with grace and ease.  I invite you to connect with your Maters, Teachers and Loved Ones and experience their love and compassion.


Video provided by Sheila Franzen, Director of Akashic Records School

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