Kate Jones


“I have made a commitment to myself and to my clients to provide services with the highest possible level of integrity and professionalism.”

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About Kate Jones

Kate knows we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Driven by her desire to incorporate one’s spiritual nature into the whole of life, Kate’s work as a conduit for a greater understanding of one’s gifts, life purpose, and personal healing connects her clients to their spiritual nature.  Within this union of body/mind/spirit, Kate’s clients find they are able to freely access their own gifts, release what no longer serves them, and transform.  


From the moment when someone schedules a reading with Kate, she begins connecting with their soul, searching for information and Light that will assist in effecting transformation.


Having earned degrees in philosophy, theology and ethics from Georgetown University and spent over a decade serving various theological ministries, Kate, understands that there are many ways to connect with Source.  In spiritual terms, we are not bound by tradition, systems or limiting beliefs when seeking communion with Spirit.  Assisting her clients in finding the route that resonates for each person is her intention.  


Kate teaches workshops and classes, gives individual readings and Reconnective Healings nationally and internationally.  Sessions are scheduled remotely, and in some cases, in person.  Kate offers consultations in health and wellness, personal development and freedom.


As a young girl, Kate shared her psychic gifts freely with family and friends and was surprised to be told to stop, as many found her direct approach to sharing her insights unusual and frequently uncomfortable.  When questioning her mother about why she should stop telling people things about themselves, Kate was told to wait and that one day Spirit would open the door for her to express these gifts.  The door is now open and Kate offers the various healing modalities to those who are attracted to her vibration.